Marleen Mertens (born 1959) weaves.
This type of work not only demands a high degree of concentration, because of the nature of the woven material, it also involves her whole soul and personality. Lightness, space and movement are the key words that provide us with an insight in each of her creations.

These textiles need to be hung in large spaces. They move with the air, divide 'space' into ephemeral sections, while defining its character. They are almost like light garments that give form to the movement of the body. But here her fabrics do not clothe the human body but the invisible air that surrounds us.
They make the wind visible.
These weaves are fragile, vulnerable and transparent.
Their materials are 'essential' materials like linen and japanese rice paper.
The weaving techniques are based on pure bonds like linen and satin bonds.
They are the most simple means of obtaining striking designs in wich poetry reigns over function.
(JV) "Kwintessens" nr. 2 / 1996 Brussels belgium

L'imaginaire de Marleen Mertens se nourrit de lumière, des mouvements du ciel et du vent, influx spirituels d'origine céleste, souffle de l'esprit...
La lumière est captée par de légers tissages de fils d'or exécutés avec une patience... d'ange. L'artiste y met toute son âme et nous invite à rêver: rêverie aérienne, dynamique, poétique; douce poussée loin des vicissitudes terrestres...
Métaphores de l'élévation, elle a choici d'habiller des anges évoquant ainsi le mouvement aérien, la légèreté, la pureté...
Textiles fragiles à la limite du visible et de l'invisible...
(M. Pandolfo) 2006 stosswihr france